bendola canyon extrême

Bendola Extreme Canyoning

The longest canyon in Europe

1h from Nice, Monaco, Sanremo

2 days

1 night bivouac

1 diner

1 breakfast

2 picnics

The guide

The equipment

PRICE: 220€



7/7d  from 8am to 9pm  

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You take a canyon 15km long and 1500m height difference, you add 35 abseilings and a bivouac in the local « Hilton », let Mariner 2 days and serve with AET Nature !!



Day 1: Its descent lasts 2 days and a bivouac is necessary.

The first day run consists of more than 35 abseilings while the second day run involves a lot of swimming. There have to be a very good experience in canyoning and brilliant physical shape.

Appointment in the front of the railway station in Breil su Roya at 5 a.m., transfer by car to the entry of the canyon (1h)

Jumps (maxi 8m), 35 abseilings (maxi 50m). Duration 10h, 10mn-walk, picnic in the canyon (during the canyoning we also take high-calorie food)

Day 2:

Breakfast early in the morning,  we continue the trip with a lot of swimming. Duration 6h.

Way back home at 4 p.m.

Jumps (maxi 3m), abseiling (maxi 3m). Duration 6h, return 2mn, picnic in the canyon (during the canyoning we also take high-calorie food)

Availability:  from June to September

Price: 220 € per person.

Included: the guide, the equipment, the transfers, 2 picnics,  1 dinner, 1 breakfast, the insurance

Difficulty: This sports activity is for person in excellent physical shape because you will have very strong  sensations. The knowledge of the rope technique is not required. Your guide,  who will always be at your disposal, will teach you in a short time. You must be a good swimmer however.

Equipment: The personal equipment  should include:  one pair of tennis shoes  for walking  in the water  and  one swimsuit. The rest of the equipment will be supplied according to the personal  information you will give: your size and your weight. A sleeping bag, dry clothes for the bivouac

Group:  Alone or with a group  (1 guide for every 8 persons)

In the canyoning family you have to ask for extreme canyoning and you will get the map of the Bendola canyon. I’m going to present it it’s a difficult task so much there are things to say, let’s go, let’s go… It is 2h30 in the morning am for English speakers and yes you already have to get up the day promises to be long. The evening before we meticulously prepared the bags, what a job! Don’t forget anything, ropes, overalls, harnesses, lanyards, helmets, first aid and equipment, sleeping bags, change of clothes, headboards, food, water bottles, survival blankets, complete medicine cabinet, radio, carabiners, hammer, spits (it can be used), dry clothes, gas camping, plastic bags. Breakfast must be generous because the lunch is far away and will be composed of sandwiches and fruit. The cars are loaded and we will return to the arrival of the canyon to leave a car. And the road continues at first asphalted and then in the ground, a real car breakage! We finally arrive at the old barracks at an altitude of 2000m. And here we go again with the equipment, everyone takes his bag, his suit that we won’t put on right away. A short hike will take you to the beginning of the extreme canyon descent La Bendola, it is there before our eyes unfolding its meanders that stretch as far as the eye can see. Once in the bed of the torrent, we put on the suits, the guide equips himself and gives the safety instructions. Everyone listens religiously to each security element and they will have to apply them for 2 days. The canyon walk is full of obstacles to reach the first abseil, a good prelude to the 35 rope abseils that will follow. Everyone gets their hands dirty, put the ropes away after each descent, help each other. We don’t go fast, it’s a guarantee of a good descent, but we don’t lose any time, everything must be rational. Good humour will prevail, it avoids stress and time flows harmoniously. A short stop in the late morning to reach the race food in the bags. In the afternoon it starts again with large verticals that are close to 50m. It is only around 6pm that we reach the bivouac I see some who are not unhappy to have arrived, the guide either. Quickly a small fire there is nothing like it to forget the fatigue. The dinner always a little spartan with undoubtedly pasta on the program and a small desert surprise. And at night the local Hilton opens its doors with survival blankets and sleeping bags made of sweet dreams.  We open our eyes awake probably by the sound of the water, the movements are slower, it is difficult to return to the canyoning. The second day is not like the first, no rope but a succession of steps and swimming in reaches that can be 100m long. The landscape is magnificent, the parts enclosed by lack of light increase the adventure side and finally you were warned… The Castou bridge will mark the ultimate point from which you can say « I made the Canyon of Bendola » See you very soon Dorian and Michel Guides canyon